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LESS MISERABLE: Insufficient Funds: LP

July 28, 2020 Read, Record Reviews

Right off the bat I like their song titles a lot: “Horses Held,” “It Costs a Lot to Be This Cursed,” and “Functional Embarrassment.” Oh man, this is like a mix of American Steel, Spraynard, and Direct Hit? Definitely the American Steel comparison is apt. The scream/singing is on par with the best of Rory and Ryan’s melodic singalongs. The rest of this musical cocktail is sharp guitar leads that make me think of Dan Vapid and Jughead—well mixed background vocals that are laid back in the cut, some shredding rhythm guitar, and loose, but not sloppy, drumming. Yeah, I like this a lot. Even when it dips its toes firmly into ska for a few songs, they’re belting out lines with as much feeling as Iron Chic. Well done, dudes. –Kayla Greet