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Want to hear us play some songs a ‘lil faster than normal and listen to Al and James talk a ‘lil more than normal? Hit the link to hear our

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Dear friends, this should come as no surprise, but Less Miserable will not be continuing on with the Alberta dates of our “Sufficient Fun” Western Canada tour. We are hopeful we can still make it out to BC and other prairie provinces, but we’ll keep you posted on those as well. Stay safe, stay healthy, be kind to each other and love one another. We’ll get through this together, and we’ll see you when we see you.

  • lessmiserable

Five days.

That’s how much time we had to record and mix this album.

When you only have five days to make a record, there’s really only enough time to lay down the essentials. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles on this thing.

Because of the time constraint (and the fact that we were recording to analog tape) we had a saying in the studio: Pencils down. Once we had a good take, we had to live with it. There’s no retaking the exam.

Your drum fill wasn’t perfect? Pencils down. You flubbed a note on your guitar track? Pencils down. Your voice cracked in that vocal take? Pencils down.

It all adds up to an album that sounds like it might come off the rails at any second, but never does. It’s something we’re all supremely proud of, and it’s probably the closest distillation of our live show as we are likely to get.

Of course it helps that Chris Pierce is a phenomenal producer and just an all-around great person. He understood the kind of band we were and helped us achieve what we wanted, while also pushing us in unexpected directions and helping keep morale up when our task seemed insurmountable. From the bottom of our collective cockles, we thank you.

Also, we have to give a big wet sloppy kiss to Jesse Vail Rhodes and Rhodehouse Records for helping us get this album out there and for always believing in us.

And now, we humbly give our thanks to you, the fans. I know we like to joke about how we don’t have any or that we have very few, but the fact is the support we’ve received from you is beyond comprehension. We couldn’t have done it without you. We love you all.

Now please enjoy our album.