We Are

"We are Less Miserable. That's also our band name."


Fronted by queer Métis singer/songwriter James Martens, Less Miserable specializes in self-deprecating post-emo pop-punk; the kind of tunes that are perfect for drinking cheap beer and shouting along to in a sweaty basement with friends, old and new.


Less Miserable was formed in Red Deer, Alberta in the summer of 2014 by Martens and drummer Alastair McLeod. The duo soon relocated to Calgary. Building themselves a reputation in the underground music scene for their humorous and energetic live shows, they soon found themselves opening for acts like Prince Daddy and the Hyena, Chixdiggit!, and the Appleseed Cast.


Later on, Mackenzie Meding was recruited on lead guitar. Since then, they have released numerous EPs and singles and one full-length album, Insufficient Funds, in March 2020 on Rhodehouse Records. The album was recorded by Chris Pierce at Volume IV Studios in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It garnered positive reviews from Maximum RockNRoll and Razorcake. With new bassist Jesse Kopala in tow, they’ve begun recording their second full-length release, with a tentative release date of December 2021.

"Less Miserable is so much fun to watch. They have the energy to play all night while packing all that into a well oiled 30 minute set. Check these dudes out if you haven’t already."

                                                             - The Bad Copy


Alastair McLeod, Drums


Mackenzie Meding, Lead Guitar

James Martens, Vocals/Guitar

Gus Rendell, Bass